La noche boca arriba – Exploring magical realism in Spanish IV.

Last year, during a unit on the city, I was looking for a piece of literature that would work well in this unit.

I landed on the short story La noche boca arriba as it not only has some elements of city vocabulary but is in the past tense.

Furthermore, I like that it explores magical realism and I can juxtapose that style with social realism which we touch on with a part of the unit about Diego Rivera’s murals.

In addition, I can connect the story to our discussion of the Aztecs, sacrifice and the flower wars.

For resources I have used the embedded reading by Kristy Placido, available for free on TPT.

I start the unit with a ton of vocab review with games on quizlet and blooket to prepare the students.

From this story, I want students to get an understanding of the elements of magical realism. Reading in and of itself will be an interpretive activity, so the end game is to have a group discussion about this as an interpersonal activity. Presentationally, they will work in groups to finish a story report/reflection.

I created a basic presentational group assignment a year ago: here.

This year I created a book report type group assignment, using a template from google docs: here.

This year’s group work features sections on:

  • the author with questions,
  • describing the setting and inserting pictures,
  • organizing the events of the story,
  • and picking out the elements of magical realism

As we read the story and work in groups to complete the story report, we also watch a great animated video that goes with the story as well. Perfect for movie talk using vocabulary learned.

Author: srblancoblog

Spanish teacher

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