Student Discipline

Here is what I wrote on a recent job application.

My philosophy on Student Discipline:

Classroom management skills are critical to effective instruction. As such, a teacher needs to be competent in a number of skills that aid in student discipline. A teacher must establish routines and norms in the classroom that create an atmosphere of clear expectations. At the same time, students must be treated in an equitable fashion that makes them feel comfortable and respected. Creating trust in the classroom not only means knowing the students in the class but planning activities that are tailored to their abilities and interests. A teacher’s efficacy in the classroom often depends on the ability to discipline students.

From the first time that students enter a classroom they make judgments about their surroundings and the classroom in front of them. If a classroom is not set up for success in terms of organization and appearance students will assume a certain level of control on their own. Because of this, it is the teacher’s job to establish routines and procedures from the outset. These norms help establish expectations for the classroom and provide students with a structured environment which they crave. Students must be trained and practice these routines so they know what to expect.

Expectations and rules ensure that students are treated equally and consistently. Having rules posted in the classroom is important as the teacher can reference the rules as students learn and memorize them. In this way the teacher can address problems by referencing the rules and norms. By referring to the rules and having students know them the teacher can make students assume responsibility for their actions. Consequences must also be posted in the classroom and enforced consistently. All efforts must be made to avoid dehumanizing students in order maintain mutual respect.

When students trust a teacher and are aware of the rules and procedures of the classroom they are more likely to respect the teacher and cooperate. Students must also know that the teacher cares about them. Because of this student discipline extends beyond the classroom. A teacher can display an interest in their students by incorporating their interests into lesson plans, and also by attending extracurricular activities. Outside the class, contact with parents and guardians on a regular basis will also help maintain student discipline.

The art of teaching cannot do without good student discipline and classroom management. One of the main purposes of education is to grow our students as learners. Yet, we must also grow them as people and citizens. In order to do so each classroom must use a system that everyone is familiar with and agrees to participate in. in the end, the way that educators relate to and control their pupils in school can determine the relative success or failure of these objectives.

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Spanish teacher

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